Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The principal reasons why digital marketing is outperforming regular marketing channels is the ability of Internet based marketing tools to interact with targeted audiences in state of the art ways. Engagement in advanced digital channels is what your customers expect when interacting with your business and brand.

Digital marketing or online marketing has numerous components. Significant organizational objectives and ROI can be achieved when these digital assets are orchestrated via a formalised digital marketing plan. From highly usable, aesthetically pleasing websites presenting quality content, all facets of SEO, SEM, through to social media and engaging social content, all need to be considered and emphasized.

Digital Marketing Plan

An investment in digital channels starts and ends with a sound digital marketing plan. Clearly document what you are currently doing and where you want to be. Determine where you stand and the actions required to achieve your objectives. Allocate a budget, execute a plan on a daily basis and monitor the right KPIs. These are the steps that result in digital marketing excellence.

Responsive Web Design

Website Design

Of your digital assets, a website can be the most important, a corner stone of your digital marketing strategy. A crucial communication channel between you and your customers, even in an age of ever increasing social media reach. Your virtual, or perhaps only, shopfront, a place to get more information about and connect with your business.

WordPress Solutions

WordPress is the best full-featured content management system for building dynamic websites. Some of the numerous benefits of WordPress based solutions include include exceptional support from a large community, simplicity for authors and editors, ease of customization, secure core and plugins, and an enormous range of freemium addons. With more than 60 percent share of the website and blog implementation market, WordPress is by far a world wide market leader.

SEO Components

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a marketing discipline focused on growing the unique value of your site’s visibility in organic (non-paid) search engine results. Both technical and content elements of a site are required to improve rankings, drive traffic, and maximise search engine ranking. SEO consists of numerous components from the words on your page (content) to the way, and number of other sites that link to your site. Good SEO practice ensures your site is developed such that humans find it intuitive, functional and aesthetically pleasing, and search engines can understand and effectively navigate it.

SEO bases covered

From keyword analysis to on page SEO, off page SEO, technical SEO, and, if required local SEO, through to analytics and metrics, we provide a complete suite of services to ensure all your organic SEO requirements are satisfied.

Care Plans Support and Maintenance

Care Plans

Ensuring a website is secured, available, and fast requires ongoing monitoring and intervention. Regular software updates and actioning security alerts are business as usual website support tasks. Maintaining and improving your site’s search engine ranking requires continual attention to your SEO “health” and ensuring content is fresh, relevant and optimized for search engines.
Our range of maintenance and  support options affords you the flexibility to select what you want to keep in house and what you preferred we covered.

• Uptime monitoring
• Comprehensive security software
• Security monitoring
• WordPress core updates
• Theme & plugin updates
• Backups
• Content management and copyrighting
• Comprehensive SEO software
• SEO performance monitoring
• SEO analytics reports
• Website hosting